Clean Bread and Cheese Creek is an organization whose mission is to restore the natural beauty and improve the environmental quality of the historic Bread And Cheese Creek through education, and by mobilizing volunteers for monitoring, restoration and advocacy.


Our mascot, Ann Phibian,
painted by local artist Laura Quintana

Clean Bread and Cheese Creek began in 2009. Our restoration activities are focused on historic Bread And Cheese Creek while lending assistance to neighboring environmentally conscious volunteer organizations.

Considered one of the most polluted tributaries in Maryland (according to a 2009 study by Parsons Brinkerhoff Engineering), Bread and Cheese Creek feeds into the Back River which flows into the Chesapeake Bay. It is our goal to clean up the 8.5 mile long creek one segment at a time until we get the creek flowing smoothly again without trash and unnecessary debris.

Clean Bread And Cheese Creek will continue making improvements in our urban stream by assisting citizens to learn about environmental issues and to take personal responsibility for the preservation and restoration of the stream. Our clean-ups are part of an ongoing effort to clean the entire stream by 2014 in preparation for the War of 1812 Bicentennial Celebration. Learn more about the creek's history and the role it played in the War of 1812.

Our Interests
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