The Board

John Long, Founder & President

John started Clean Bread and Cheese Creek in 2009 with a small group of friends looking to clean up the neighborhood creek that backs up to his and many other residents’ homes. Though his group started out with only a handful of people, his ambitious efforts soon caught the attention of residents, businesses and other environmental groups who wanted to partner up and participate in his cause.

John's dedication and leadership in Project Clean Stream has earned him the title of Bread and Cheese Creek Stream Captain for the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay. John's environmental commitment doesn't stop there... he also participates in the BRRC's clean-ups and meetings.

John is a huge supporter of animal rights and the Humane Society, often raising money and donating his time to their fundraisers as well. He has interests in local politics and has recently been elected to the Baltimore County Central Committee. John exhibits hard work and passion and keeps his community's needs close to his heart... and he does it all with a smile and a sense of humor.

Raina Dewald, Vice President

Raina Dewald is the General Manager of the Gold's Gym in Dundalk, and has enjoyed working with her staff and members since 2004.  Raina has been with Clean Bread and Cheese Creak since their first offical clean-up, and she continues to attend with many of Gold's Gym's members and staff.  It was through her continued involvment and passion for the cause that Raina has recently become the VP for Clean Bread and Cheese Creek, and looks forward to furthering her involvment in this organization and it's projects.  

Erin Long, Secretary

Erin is a full time employee of the Harford County Humane Society. When she is not busy taking care of animals, she is helping John out taking care of Clean Bread and Cheese Creek. You will find her at all the organization's clean-ups.

Michelle Barth, Treasurer

Michelle is a friend and long time supporter of Clean Bread and Cheese Creek. As a local community resident, she felt it important to be a member of the organization. Michelle is also seen at all the clean-ups.


Kristie Callander, Web Designer

Kristie, a full time graphic and interactive designer for AOL, started working with Clean Bread and Cheese Creek after learning of the group at a meeting for the BRRC. She started out by volunteering her design capabilities to implement a website and logo for the organization. She participates in the clean-ups and also volunteers with the BRRC.

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