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Dundalk, Maryland

Bread and Cheese Creek is a 3.71 mile long stream in Dundalk, Maryland. The creek mostly backs up to homes in residential areas but it also runs under Merritt Boulevard, a main thoroughfare in the area comprising of strip centers. The creek empties into Back River, which connects to the Chesapeake Bay. (Back River is shown on the right hand side of map below.)

In an effort to clean up Maryland's waterways, mainly the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries, the Back River Restoration Committee (BRRC) was founded. The BRRC is a neighbor and partner of Clean Bread and Cheese Creek and has done tremendous improvements. Both organizations work together to improve the water quality and environment of the area. To learn more about the BRRC and to participate in their events, please visit their website www.SaveBackRiver.org.

Bread and Cheese Creek and Dundalk are historical to the War of 1812. Learn more about the role of this creek here.

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